Press Release

The famous health coach and yogini Irene Ibba, interviewed by Lizzie Hanson Lasater.

Posted: Thursday, May 12, 2022

It has been quite a journey to arrive in Sardinia, Italy, but it was really worth it to be able to meet Irene in her wonderful retreat center. My flight from Rome was cancelled, therefore I decided to take the overnight boat and enjoy the extra time I had to prepare the interview. When I woke up, early in the morning, the boat was almost arrived at the port and I had a spectacular view of the island from the sea, everything was calm and peaceful. A perfect beginning of a great day!

Irene sent one of her friends, Michele, to pick me up at the harbor and we drove for about an hour to reach the retreat center, where Irene lives and works with her family and friends. Temperature was just perfect, the sun was shining and the smell of the sea was everywhere. We parked the car at the entrance and I see a beautiful old farm, with an amazing park around, pines trees and tropical flowers all around me. Two golden Labradors run towards us to welcome me.

Irene is walking behind them, she is smiling. I can see the sun in her face. She is smaller that I imagined, and looks much younger than her age…it must certainly be her yoga practice and lifestyle.

“Come in, Lizzie, I am so glad to have you here” she says. “Thanks Irene, this is an amazing place”. “I really feel home”, and I would love you to feel the same” she replies with a smile. I start to understand why she has chosen to move here from Brussels, where she was living until last year. We decide to have a walking interview while visiting around, like a chat between friends who share many things together. She says, “We are in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving”. I feel very thankful for this interview, as I know that she does not give many of them. I start asking her to tell me more about her life, and how she finally came back to her homeland. She explains to me that she studied biology in Sardinia and then moved all around North Europe to do her research, but after almost 10 years of work as researcher she realized that it was not her dharma… “What happened then?” I ask, interested. ”I moved to Brussels where my husband was living and decided to become a yoga teacher. Yoga in its entirety was the only thing that could calm my mind and bring me to my true self “ she replied with a smile, her eyes were shining with emotion. She continued “I discovered my world within, practicing relaxation and meditation, I transformed my body and my eating habits, but more importantly, I start trusting myself as I’ve never done before in my life. I decided to study again as nutritionist and Ayurveda therapist. At the same time, I travelled around a lot, especially to India, and South Asia to get inspired and learn from the masters. “And now you are here, surrounded by nature, family and friends” “Yes, It’s great! I barely believe it myself! Every time I came back to Sardinia to visit, during the years I lived abroad, I dreamt of creating a common place where everyone could bring it’s best and share it with others. Now we have the yoga retreat center, where the most interesting and knowledgeable teachers, like you” she winks at me “come to teach and practice. We offer organic food, real and nurturing food as it was before industrialization. Friends of mine work together to make the farm self sufficient energetically and people come from all over the world come to visit us, we help them to feel good and they help us in return to improve our work.” The giving and receiving flow, I say “Exactly! She replies…and we laugh! We stop for a moment, to enjoy the sunset and to look at flamingos flying …She got emotional and then start talking again ”Today my dream has come true. All happened quite easily and especially pretty quickly. I am very thankful to Chiara who introduced me to the Masterkey system and to Mark J., Devine and Steve who have helped me to change and find my true self. I feel reborn!” Suddenly, we hear the sound of the Tibetan bells, her husband, children and friends are waiting for us for a group meditation and chanting. Everybody looks so happy and calm here. They all live in the present moment! I thank Irene for the wonderful talk, we bow at each other and recognize and honor our inner light, whispering Namaste to each other.