Week 14- The Strangest Secret

I am so glad I listened to The Strangest Secret in the world. I found it as a revelation summary of the first 14 weeks I have been practicing so far.

The sentence “we become what we think about” is so evident and true that it should be taught at school coupled with meditation and in one generation we will all be free.

It’s off course easy to say than to do …especially when our guardian is not very attentive, but it’s worth to try and try …persist and win!

I found a very interesting guided meditation which will help me to work the law of forgiveness, which is not easy for me. I am very optimist and determined about it.

Finally I am still reflecting a lot about the law of giving and receiving. I completely agree that ‘ no man can get rich himself unless he enriches others” but I still asking myself if they way I give is the correct way…should I give more …what that means exactly.        Maybe someone reading the blog has an answer about it.

I am very glad I embarked on this journey with many of you and I wish you all the best.

We are the Universe …small, scattered, bright and powerful stars !




Week 13- Awareness

I had a very busy week, and I had difficulties practicing everyday. I noticed that the gal in the glass is not very happy when I do not practice as I should, and the old blue print on the other side is screaming YESSS. I am aware of all the process, all the thinking, and this makes me feel as I have control over my action, and I can choose. I know that I can listen to the old subby and not progress or I can walk, (sometimes climb) to my future self to became what I really am. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! And I can be what I will to be!!!

I do not believe so much on horoscope but I like to read the one from Rob Brezsny on one of my favorite magazines. This is what I found as suggestion for my zodiacal sign for 2017 …which is exactly what I am working on with MKMMA!!! The low of attraction….. universal power.

“In August of 2012 a group of tourists went further into the volcanic area of Eldgja, in Iceland. After a while they realised that a traveling companion was missing. It was organised a research expedition that continued well into the night. At three in the morning, a girl in the group realised that she was the person that everyone has been looking for. The misunderstanding was born several hours before, when she had moved away to change her clothes and seeing her again with new clothes no one had recognised her. It seems to me a story to ponder in 2017, Scorpio. I’d like you to change so much to become almost unrecognisable, and that you would help the others to seek your new you.”

To conclude I add ..not only help others to find my new me….but also help others to find their new themselves!

We are all whole, perfect, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!!!

Lots of light and peace to everyone! Namaste



Week 12-Regression

This week has been pretty difficult again. I couldn’t attend the webinar on Sunday. Actually I fall asleep while listening to it as I had a very short night on Saturday.

I tried to do the exercise on Thursday but I did it only for 15minutes while doing other stuff…so I am not surprised the effect wasn’t as strong as some of you have experienced.

I am so glad to read that many of you are really feeling better and closer to the future self!
This week my old blue print was very strong again. I really appreciate Devine’s suggestion about the Bear and the Kettle and tried to use it, but …still day one, over and over again. I have also the impression that some stuff from my old blue print is coming up to surface more virulent and violent than before. I think it’s all about the law of forgiveness. It’s extremely difficult for me. I think I have forgiven, but as things pop up again I imagine I haven’t. Anyway I keep on practicing and persist and eventually win.

Week 11- Persistence

I’ve loved this week webinar!

What a discovery with the persistence that is not a characteristic but a habit. It’s so motivating, it felt like a ‘gentle’ kick in the…

I observe my internal talk and I realize that I am encouraging myself to do more than the best I can, no more Beef Stroganoff J Great way to express it!

It’s unbelievable, this course is really changing me …and we are only at the 11th week.

Off course there are still some part of the practice that are very hard but my mental attitude is changing, that’s the magic! The mental diet for instance is still very difficult for me; everyday is day one ….so hard. I do not give up, and I know that at some point I will manage to substitute the negative thinking into positive.

I am also enjoying very much being generous and I appreciate more all the gift that I receive everyday, a smile from a stranger an encouragement from a friend and a caress from a family member. Life is beautiful!

Last but not least I was really touched by the last sentence in this week book: ‘Death is but the natural process whereby all material forms are thrown into the crucible for reproduction in fresh diversity’.

I couldn’t ask for more. The right words at the right time. In fact this how I like to imagine our dear friend, who recently died, and who will always stay in our heart.


This week I feel much better, more motivated and regular in doing the practice.

I keep on repeating to myself “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy and I can be what I want to be”. Every time I say the sentence out loud I feel stronger and powerful. It’s very exciting!

I always lacked on self-confidence and the more I practice the more I see that things are changing. I need to work harder for the mental diet but I also know that as Mandino says ‘if I persist long enough I will win. So I persist and I win!!!

Finally I am very glad that this week I was able to work on my MKMM connections. It’s more encouraging to have people around who are supporting you and passing through similar things. Mark is right no on makes it without a Mastermind.

Week 9- Step by step

I am back to daily routine and I find myself motivated to continue the MKMM practice. I believe so much in the power of our mind and I also believe that we are all whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!

I admit that it’s still not easy and I haven’t catch up to all I would have loved to…but I know I am doing my best, so I forgive myself and I carry on.

I’ve finally printed in color the Shape sheets, actually my husband have done it. Finally he read it and as a friend of ours was there, when he gave it to me, I had the opportunity to talk about it. I am not sure he really believes in it (opinion!) but at least now he knows what I am working on, and that he’s a part of it.

I feel that something is changing in me …it is because I just turned forty or because of MKMM, or both, I do not know. The only thing I know is that I am changing, I am more positive and happy…I love to wake up and read “I will great this day with love in my heart”.

I am also very thankful for all I already have, people who love and care for me, health and wealth. I am a lucky person, life is beautiful and I want to enjoy every moment! I am thankful also to all the people I met in my life, and I scream out loud especially to those who are not there anymore: I love you so much, thank you for having being part of my life.


Week 6,7,8

I feel I am going to quit.

Two weeks ago in Belgium we had one-week school holiday and as my husband had holidays as well we went all together to France. I brought with me all the material necessary to keep my MKMMA practice…with the idea that I would have printed my DMP film flyer and the symbols and goals sheets the week after. I had nice time with my family, thou my daughter is on her terrible twos year…so it wasn’t as relaxing as I needed it. Lately I am very tired. I have different projects and trainings to attend. All that is for the good of my DMP…but it is still a bit too much. I ended up practicing very little. I barely had the time (made the time??) to read out loud my DMP. I have difficulty to talk clearly about the MKMMA to my husband. He doesn’t ask much, neither. I am afraid that he won’t understand, and as I need support I want to avoid any demotivating feedback, so I do not practice in front of him. That’s why it was so difficult for me, during the holiday, to find a moment to be alone and do my practice.

We came back to Brussels on Friday night and the morning after the best friend of my husband died. He was only 45 years old. He had lung’s cancer that killed him in only three months. My family was on shock; at the same time that weekend I had training so I couldn’t be there the all time. I did not have any energy and time to practice at all. I felt bad about it but I couldn’t make it otherwise. My husband needed me, and my daughter as well.

So slowly I feel that I am loosing the good habit of practicing regularly. Every day I have been asking myself if I’d better let go and eventually try again next year. I do not feel ready yet to give up on my dreams and projects. It’s a very hard time for me.

This week I could practice more than the previous week, but I had to catch up quite a lot of stuff, I feel late and discouraged. I hope I will find the strength to continue and keep up my practice. It’s so hard to get rid of old habits. I can see my old blue print stronger than ever, but I also need compassion towards myself.