Week 16- Growing up

This week it has been not an easy week for me. My daughter was ill and I stayed home with her at the beginning of the week, I enjoyed being with her, and I had more time to think about my life, my DMP and what I need to change in order to move on. I think that all the thinking and being in direct contact with my daughter’s bacteria put my immune system KO. So on Wednesday I got ill as well. The body talks quite clearly, always trust what your body is saying to you. I need to change something in my relationship with my family. Rather I accept and let go or I fight for what I want even if I am alone to want that. I would like to feel supported by my family members about my DMP but that is not always the case and it makes me feel alone and sometime discouraged ….Anyway to compensate I was very happy to be part of the big flow of kindness we created and observed every where. I had very tender moments that warmed up my hearth and hopefully the receivers too. Kindness is everywhere; we just need to be aware about it. This course is opening my eyes little by little, and I am so thankful about it. Happy weekend


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