Week 15-Positive

Time is flying by, holidays are over and winter is showing is white coat everywhere in Europe. My daughter is sick so I am spending some time at home with her, appreciating the ‘lazy, cozy’, moments at home with her and my husband. I have a strange feeling….a little sadness for what I would like to have and I don’t have yet and at the same time excitement for my future self, that is becoming more clear in my mind, heart and soul.

I feel that if I persist and work hard I will remove all the cement layers that have been covering my real self for all these years.

I love scroll IV, it talk to me very much. It is so encouraging and optimist, exactly what I need it now. “Vain attempts to imitate others no longer will I make”. In fact, this is something very difficult for me. I grew up thinking that others are better and can do better than me. Yoga and meditation practice already helped me to be more confident about myself. This course is really making the difference!! Thank you Mark, Devine, Steve and Chiara to share your knowledge and experience with us!

Now it’s in my hand to practice actively and more persistently. I know that my old blue print is always there talking to my ears, trying to convincing me not to do all I should do …..but now I am aware of it and I can choose not to listen to it!

I am nature’s greatest miracle and so are you all!

I am enjoying the journey!


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