Week 14- The Strangest Secret

I am so glad I listened to The Strangest Secret in the world. I found it as a revelation summary of the first 14 weeks I have been practicing so far.

The sentence “we become what we think about” is so evident and true that it should be taught at school coupled with meditation and in one generation we will all be free.

It’s off course easy to say than to do …especially when our guardian is not very attentive, but it’s worth to try and try …persist and win!

I found a very interesting guided meditation which will help me to work the law of forgiveness, which is not easy for me. I am very optimist and determined about it.

Finally I am still reflecting a lot about the law of giving and receiving. I completely agree that ‘ no man can get rich himself unless he enriches others” but I still asking myself if they way I give is the correct way…should I give more …what that means exactly.        Maybe someone reading the blog has an answer about it.

I am very glad I embarked on this journey with many of you and I wish you all the best.

We are the Universe …small, scattered, bright and powerful stars !




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