Week 13- Awareness

I had a very busy week, and I had difficulties practicing everyday. I noticed that the gal in the glass is not very happy when I do not practice as I should, and the old blue print on the other side is screaming YESSS. I am aware of all the process, all the thinking, and this makes me feel as I have control over my action, and I can choose. I know that I can listen to the old subby and not progress or I can walk, (sometimes climb) to my future self to became what I really am. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy! And I can be what I will to be!!!

I do not believe so much on horoscope but I like to read the one from Rob Brezsny on one of my favorite magazines. This is what I found as suggestion for my zodiacal sign for 2017 …which is exactly what I am working on with MKMMA!!! The low of attraction….. universal power.

“In August of 2012 a group of tourists went further into the volcanic area of Eldgja, in Iceland. After a while they realised that a traveling companion was missing. It was organised a research expedition that continued well into the night. At three in the morning, a girl in the group realised that she was the person that everyone has been looking for. The misunderstanding was born several hours before, when she had moved away to change her clothes and seeing her again with new clothes no one had recognised her. It seems to me a story to ponder in 2017, Scorpio. I’d like you to change so much to become almost unrecognisable, and that you would help the others to seek your new you.”

To conclude I add ..not only help others to find my new me….but also help others to find their new themselves!

We are all whole, perfect, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy!!!

Lots of light and peace to everyone! Namaste




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