Week 12-Regression

This week has been pretty difficult again. I couldn’t attend the webinar on Sunday. Actually I fall asleep while listening to it as I had a very short night on Saturday.

I tried to do the exercise on Thursday but I did it only for 15minutes while doing other stuff…so I am not surprised the effect wasn’t as strong as some of you have experienced.

I am so glad to read that many of you are really feeling better and closer to the future self!
This week my old blue print was very strong again. I really appreciate Devine’s suggestion about the Bear and the Kettle and tried to use it, but …still day one, over and over again. I have also the impression that some stuff from my old blue print is coming up to surface more virulent and violent than before. I think it’s all about the law of forgiveness. It’s extremely difficult for me. I think I have forgiven, but as things pop up again I imagine I haven’t. Anyway I keep on practicing and persist and eventually win.


2 thoughts on “Week 12-Regression

  1. masterkeyrehsredguy1

    Hello Irene,
    There is a card that I carry in my MKE card set. On it is “The greater the struggles, the more glorious the triumph.”, a quotation from The Butterfly Circus. We all evolve when it happens and as Mandino says we “Never will I know how close it lies unless I turn the corner”. Continued action to your goal WILL ENSURE that you achieve, but when it happens is up to the creator. I have struggled with parts of this course as well. But I believe that I will success, when the time is right, so I continue. You keep continuing, therefore I am confident that YOU WILL SUCCEED. The beautiful, caring, spiritual Irene soul will win and we will all rejoice. In my eyes, it is the ones that struggle and labour and in part suffer for their cause, that are the true heros. Those that find the path easily are amazing, but those that suffer and achieve are the greatest of heros, for they endured. Please know that you are in people’s prayers. Battle on dear Hero.



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